Commercial Litigation


"Winston and Saleem represent clients in trial and appeal courts, in all kinds of commercial and civil disputes"  


Our cases involve such matters as products, contracts, warranties, indemnities, unfair trade or business practice, trade secrets, employment and non-compete agreements, securities, class actions, anti-trust and defamation claims.  We are frequently retained for complex cases in which significant financial or other interests are at stake.  Our advocates use technology and other means to control costs and to enhance their effectiveness in these cases.  They have the demonstrated ability to win before judges and juries.


We work with our clients throughout the litigation process, from pre-action investigations and settlement efforts through trial and any appeals, to assure that our efforts advance agreed-upon goals and stay on budget.  We staff our cases leanly and make every effort to keep the litigation team intact from the beginning of the case to its end.  Our technology enhances the control, management and presentation of documents and other demonstrative evidence; and it enables us to efficiently partner with our clients’ abilities.  The Firm employs specialist experts to help investigate cases and prepare them for trial.  We have handled cases in the Supreme Court, all the High Courts, and many District Courts and in every district.  Where necessary or appropriate, we work with local counsel to enhance our representation and contain costs.

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