"Employment talent is one of the most valuable assets of the business thus is essential to be protected. Whether you are managing and retaining key people or you are a senior executive in transition, the continuing trend for increased regulation in employment law sees no signs of abating and the time and costs associated with best practice can be significant"


Winston & Saleem Employment Group invests time to understand the culture in which its clients operate and designs careful strategies to meet their goals, providing high caliber support throughout the employment life cycle to all kinds of employers and senior executives.


From recruitment to termination and the inevitable challenges in between, Winston and Saleem focuses on joining up the pieces to deliver bespoke holistic advice. 


Winston and Saleem’ Employment lawyers provide a full service in: recruitment, employment structures, contractual terms and policies, acquisitions, outsourcing, protecting business interests and confidentiality, change management, severance, talent retention, and overcoming workplace conflicts. They are also experienced advisors in both internal and post-termination disputes and provide representation at mediations and in the Employment Tribunals and higher courts.

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